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Brainstorming and Focus Groups

Do you need fresh ideas for your application or site?

Brainstorming can get those creative juices flowing through your team. 

Focus groups can help you tap into your users' psyche and really understand what’s going on.

Hal has a strong track record of helping people develop innovative ideas and truly understand their user population. He will guide you through a process to develop ideas within your limited time frame for such issues as:

  • Developing new & creative ideas for potential implementation
  • Exploring innovative concepts & approaches
  • Identifying potentially problematic areas
  • Selecting the most promising ideas for critical examination

Don’t try to figure it all out yourself. Get some assistance from a seasoned professional.

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"Hal is particularly remarkable as a Focus Group facilitator – to me, one of the most challenging elicitation dynamics in the field. He has a creative knack for designing the focus group exchange in a way that draws out key insights clearly – even when the topics are difficult topics. He manages groups deftly, drawing each participant out and making it comfortable for them to participate. And he can do this with large, highly-charged groups. He has a way of balancing the interaction so that each member of the group contributes and feels good about the experience. When I need a focus group, Hal is the moderator I look to."



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