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Coaching and Mentoring

You have just been tasked by your boss to make your web presence more usable.  You have some ideas, but are not sure how to approach the problem. You could use some guidance.

Hal Miller-Jacobs, the Usability Coach, can help you understand what you need to do. Hal can provide short- or long-term assistance to get your project moving forward without significant impact on time or budget.
The Usability Coach can help you:

  • Define the goals of the application or site
  • Identify potential user groups
  • Collect data on current or potential users, either on-line or in-person
  • Develop personas for identified user groups
  • Establish an effective information architecture
  • Create prototype concepts for design consideration
  • Evaluate prototypes prior to coding

Hal has a passion for usability and a gentle way of guiding you. He won’t do the work for you (unless you're desperate), but he will help you get started and keep you moving.

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Hal is one of the nicest, most-seasoned usability people in the field. He's loved by colleagues, clients and students, and his passion for usability comes through in everything he does. He's a great mentor and coach. I highly endorse Hal.”

Usability Expert

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 “His insights have led me to tangible successes as I build and manage my career. Simply put – Hal is a gem – and gets my highest recommendation.”

Director of Interaction Design & Strategy
Open Solutions

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