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Teaching and Learning

Of all the areas in which Hal excels, teaching is his greatest strength.

In addition to teaching at Tufts University, he has been teaching user interface design in industry for more than 15 years.

Hal has taught the four courses required for Human Factors International’s internationally-recognized Certified Usability Analyst program:

Hal also teaches specifically tailored courses for industry groups:

  • Crash Course in Usability Techniques
  • Turbo-Charge Your Usability Testing with User-Defined Tasks
  • Website Clinic Check-up
  • Facilitating Brainstorming & Focus Groups

If you have ever taken a class taught by Hal, you know that he can impart knowledge effectively through his wealth of real-world cases. His energetic and varied teaching techniques maintains the class' interest thoughout.

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He's a great instructor, coach and mentor. Clients love his wisdom and openness to share his knowledge. He receives great evaluations on his teaching. Hal was also a mentor for our new instructors. He would work with them one-on-one to get them up to speed, give them pointers about teaching our classes, and co-teach with them until they were ready to solo. He knows his stuff, and has a good heart.”

Chief of Technical Staff and Services,
Human Factors International

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"Not only is he an expert at human factors, he is an encouraging teacher who listens intently and provides wonderful insights in his explanations. Hal is the perfect Usability Coach and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to start up or improve a usability practice."

Director, User Experience Services,


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